Beard & Moustache Ultimate Grooming Tool!

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Beard Symmetry 2.0 is the superior guidance grooming tool for your facial hair. Eliminate the guessing with our see through construction and multiple guidance lines. Simply line up then razor or use clippers for a perfect moustache, neck line and/or cheek line. Durable, fast, simple. Beard Symmetry, because anything else is asymmetry.

• For at home barbering, care takers, legally blind, disabled veterans & more
• Achieve perfect symmetrical cheek, neck and mustache lines
• See through so there's no guesswork
• Multiple angled lines for all types of beards
• Easy grip
• Mustache guidance
• Use clippers and or a razor with its durable construction

*For best results, recommend clippers for edging
*Symmetry Flaw: This product still functions 100% only will have small cosmetic stress cracks in it from drying to fast.