camera shape Flask 1pc 11 oz Stainless Steel

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 Brand New High Quality 


 This stainless steel hip flask is easy to carry and take your favorite wine with you wherever you go. 

 Smooth surface design make the liquor flask do not hurt your hand in accident. 

    Laser Welded for a Leak Proof Seal.

    Screw Down Cap Attached to the Flask so it Cannot be Lost

 British fashion, Men's necessary. Travel, fishing, wild etc. 

 Makes a Great Gift, Especially for Groomsman!

    Great for concerts, picnics, events, or more



·         4oz(7.7cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

·         5oz(9.7cmx9.3cmx2.2cm) 

·         6oz(10.8cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

·         7oz(12.2cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

·         8oz(13.8cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)


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