fish Flask 4 oz Stainless Steel

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• Brand New High Quality 

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• This stainless steel hip flask is easy to carry and take your favorite wine with you wherever you go. 

• Smooth surface design make the liquor flask do not hurt your hand in accident. 

    Laser Welded for a Leak Proof Seal.

    Screw Down Cap Attached to the Flask so it Cannot be Lost

• British fashion, Men's necessary. Travel, fishing, wild etc. 

• Makes a Great Gift, Especially for Groomsman!

    Great for concerts, picnics, events, or more



·         4oz(7.7cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

·         5oz(9.7cmx9.3cmx2.2cm) 

·         6oz(10.8cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

·         7oz(12.2cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

·         8oz(13.8cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

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